Benefits of using our
staffing agency

So using recruitment or staffing agencies is undoubtedly beneficial for both the employer and the job-seeker. Let us look at some advantages that Recruitment or staffing agencies offer in detail.
Saves cost

Advertising  their vacancies in different media,Pre-employment testing, background testing, and drug screening Creating payroll databases Training and onboarding.

Increases Hiring Speed

Recruiting for a position that needs exceptional skills can take months. Advertising in different channels, searching through thousands of resumes, interacting with prospects, screening them, setting up interviews and finally facilitating the negotiation for an executed offer letter may sound like a lot of work for the hiring manager or an HR department of a company.

Access to specialized knowledge

A recruiting decision is a make or break decision. If you don’t match the right job with the right person, the company will soon have a draining hole in its money bag. Staffing agencies have the expertise and specialized knowledge needed to get this crucial decision right. In contrast to an in-house recruitment team, recruiting agencies tend to come in contact with more number of people from a wide range of industries and easily pick up on the trends and changes in the job market.

Access to a wider, better quality talent pool

Staffing agencies are always recruiting so they must have a ready database of candidates they have screened and assessed. So when a new requirement is given to them, they can tap into this wide network they have already built to find a suitable candidate more easily.

Higher chances of
getting hired

The staffing company has a wide circle of clients and more number of jobs that they are working to fill. They also recruit for different industries and different kinds of jobs ranging from very short-term to permanent positions. So the candidate has a wider choice of positions he or she can apply for.

Saves time and effort and money

The candidate can apply for several jobs in a single application with the agency. This saves time and effort in filling multiple forms and attending multiple screening tests. What is more appealing is that this valuable assistance that the candidate gets mostly comes free of cost.

What is a staffing or recruitment agency?
A recruitment agency is an independent entity that takes up the recruitment function of an organization and connects job seekers and employers.

The employers give the recruitment agencies the job descriptions of the positions that they need to fill.

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